Our values

We are women accompanying women, who seek to revolutionize intimate care with biotechnological formulations that stimulate a healthy intimate ecosystem so that we can enjoy life to the fullest without urogenital infections.

Mission and vision

Biolube comes to revolutionize women's health and sexual pleasure by promoting their empowerment.

We are motivated to raise awareness of the importance of women's genital care and a healthy and full sexual life. Biolube transforms the concept of personal care for the vagina.

At Biolube we seek to promote intimate personal care, with biotechnological formulations that stimulate a healthy intimate ecosystem, in order to prevent urogenital infections.

As women, we seek to accompany other women in all their stages, so that we can feel safe, without discomfort or unwanted odors, improve the appearance of the skin of the vulva, and also, that sexual relations are healthy and pleasurable, truly. Our proposal is comprehensive, unifying hygiene, care and intimate beauty.


We deserve the best quality of life that each of us can have within our possibilities. And we are convinced that if we prioritize health, we will be able to enjoy and enjoy life. For this reason, we are encouraged to help all women in their intimate personal care, so that they not only protect their sexual health, but also can have more pleasant relationships and feel confident in themselves. We achieve this with products backed by scientific evidence that supports their safety and effectiveness.

But also with empathy, listening to the needs and problems of women and their current context. We take this path seriously and professionally, at the same time we value approaching life and all its aspects from a playful place, with joy and a sense of humor. We don't get along with complaining, but with action. On this path we seek to be agents of the change that we want to see in the world for the growth of the female role as protagonists of our own lives and history.